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Leif Erickson Festival

Click for larger imageA Viking, Carved from a tree trunk at Vasa Park, larger than life, stands guard in front of "Viking Hall" and watches over the grounds.

Click for larger imageVisitors shop for bargains from the many vendors of Scandinavian articles and clothing at the festival. 


Click for larger imageA "Viking Encampment" provides a glimpse of life as it was a millennia ago, and an opportunity for visitors to experience "Living History".

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Click for larger image The Replica Viking Ship Norseman is a frequent visitor to our park. Quite seaworthy, and internationally well known, She has taken part in Scandinavian Historical Activities all over the world.

Click for larger imageFrom a later period of history, The Swedish Colonial Society makes an appearance. Settlers of the New Sweden Colony in the Delaware Valley, These Finns and Swedes contributed much to the newly settled areas of New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

There is always time to stop for refreshments, a quick snack or an authentic Scandinavian Creation.

Click for larger imageKaldolmar, Lapskaus, Frikadeller, ... or Hamburgers and Hotdogs for the less adventurous. (they don't know what they're missing!)

Click for larger imageAnd when the kids need to let off some steam, there is also the Richard Pierson Memorial Playground - Never Closed.

Visit again soon and watch our web site  grow! More views of past and planned events to come.