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Owned and operated by members of New Jersey District Six, 
Vasa Order of America

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How do we manage?  

We stay "in business" as a direct result of the efforts and contributions of our elected board of trustees, our officers, members, and friends.

There is never a shortage of work to do at the end of each season, and thankfully, never a shortage of volunteers who come out to help get it done.

Fall brings a carpet of leaves that 
must be removed from the picnic 
grove, and the entire grounds. There are also benches and tables to be stored for the Winter.

The end of the season brings an opportunity to add facilities to the park. A new outdoor dance and performance platform centrally located, will soon become a gazebo that will provide a location for summer concerts and an alternate site for wedding ceremonies and other special events. 

Many hands make light work! Here we see volunteers at work on the fence around our swimming pool. And when the job is really BIG there is usually someone ready to step up to get it done. The tree is being removed to make way for a floral planting next to the outdoor patio.


Attend events at the park when you can - remember, Dinner every Friday night at the clubhouse, (with rare exceptions) The cost is small, and the dinner is excellent - no one leaves hungry!

Watch our calendar, and come out if you can on "Cleanup Day", a once a year effort to get the park ready for the winter. Bring a rake, bucket, or paint brush. There is a job for everyone. 

Participate in fund raising efforts. Encourage your local lodge, club, or other group to use the facilities at Vasa Park for your picnics, dinners, or other events. 

Take the on-line Tour of Vasa Park to see what is here - come back soon - we are still site-building.