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Support Our Park

We stay "in business" as a direct result of the efforts and contributions of our elected board of trustees, our officers, members, and friends.

There is never a shortage of work to do at the end of each season, and thankfully, never a shortage of volunteers who come out to help get it done!



Attend Events

Attend events at the park! We also offer dinner every Friday night at the clubhouse. The cost is small, and the dinner is excellent - no one leaves hungry!

Cleanup Day

Watch our calendar, and come out if you can on "Cleanup Day", a once a year effort to get the park ready for the winter. Bring a rake, bucket, or paint brush. There is a job for everyone.


This is a great way to for students to earn community service hours! 


Participate in fund raising efforts. Encourage your local lodge, club, or other group to use the facilities at Vasa Park for your picnics, dinners, or other events. 

Vasa Park Pool Sidewalk

Vasa Park is offering the opportunity to purchase a personalized paving stone program. Paving stones will be utilized to replace the existing concrete walkways around the pool.


This is a great opportunity to honor your family, friends or loved ones with a permanent inscribed stone. In addition to looking better, the paving stones are more durable and give access to the underground plumbing for the pool without needing major demolition and re-pouring of concrete. The cost of each stone is $75 which includes engraving. Each paving stone is 6 inches by 9 inches

To order your very own stone, please fill out the form below and email back to us at

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